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Cukier Taurus PolskaBeet sugar is, apart from cane sugar, one of the two most popular varieties of edible sugar consumed in the world. Beet sugar, as a finished product, is called food sugar in Poland.

Production process

The technology of sugar production from sugar-beets in factories consists of the following processes: cut roots are leached with water in the temperature of 75-85°C. The received juice contains around 15% of sugar. In order to clear it, it is firstly subjected to the process of liming and then carbonatation. After filtrating the precipitated dirts, the juice is thickened in evaporators until raw sugar is cristalized, which is later subjected to refining, which consists in dissolving it in water, discolouring with the use of active carbon, a second vaporization, centrifugation and drying. The leachate which is left is called molasses. In accordance with the Polish standard, white sugar contains not less than 99.80% of sacharosis, while refined sugar - more than 99.85%.

The following terminology concerning sugar is used in descriptions:

Soy Meal

Soy Meat

The toasted feed soy meal is a product of soybean processing after oil extraction with the use of additional treatment involving heat and humidity. During soybean processing, the enterprise uses direct extraction with preliminary removal of the soy husks.

Significant content of protein and energy in the soy meal makes it possible to make high-protein and high-energy diets without having to use expensive feed components of animal origin. The soy meal is widely used in feeding all farm animals, poultry, and fish.

Depending on the type, age, gender, physiological condition, area and level of productivity, the amount of soy meal introduced into the diets of farm animals and poultry may go up to 30%.

Quality factors Feed-grade, toasted soy meal Feed-grade, toasted soy meal (high protein content)
Weight fraction of protein at actual moisture content, %, at least 46.0 47.5
Weight fraction of moisture, %, at most 12.0 12.0
Weight fraction of fat, %, at least 0.5 0.5
Weight fraction of fiber, %, at most 6.0 3.5

Packaging: bulk (optional 50 kg bags).